Biology Week 2017

Biology week runs every year in October and aims to showcase the amazing world of bioscience, to inspire the next generation of scientists to get involved in fun activities, talks and events.

To celebrate Biology Week 2017 the Royal Society of Biology asked our blogger Rochelle to create a profile for them to use for the #iamabiologist campaign on twitter (see below).

This triggered us bloggers at HumBugs to think about what inspired us to begin a scientific career and why we love being a biologist. The list could be extensive, but we don’t want you to fall asleep just yet, so here are a few of our thoughts:

  1. Research makes a difference
  2. The variety is endless, you can be at a fancy national conference one day and collecting baby poop the next
  3. The ‘EUREKA!’ moment when an experiment finally works
  4. The opportunity to network with people from many different backgrounds
  5. Driven by the challenges of working out new or improving methodologies and data analysis
  6. Feeling like you are contributing to a bigger area of research – and trying to help preterm infants survive
  7. Collaborating with experts in the area, and understanding what they are talking about!


One of the best things about the week is the BioBakes, because who doesn’t love cake! Where, biology inspired cakes, cupcakes and other delicious baked goods are created and pitched against each other. Below are a few of the winner from the previous years. Some of the innovate ideas are amazing, from the structure of the lung (Top left) to romance vs reality heart bake (Bottom right).  Plus our personal favourite, the labour of love In Utero cake (bottom left). Could you design an exciting biology inspired bake?


Follow the link ( to see some of the exciting activities from this year and to get involved with next years Biology week.