Welcome to HumBugs@TU

Welcome to the HumBugs@TU Blog,

This is a new a blog for the Human Microbiome Research @ Teesside University community to document their own research activities, discuss relevant and interesting research or to simply comment on current scientific affairs as they occur in the research area of the human microbiome.

Please feel free to contribute to the blog on any of the below topics or select an alternative, relevant topic of your choice.

  • Introductory blogs
  • Published research (This could be your own or to share any interesting papers)
  • Relevant news stories
  • Commentary on media e.g. blogs, videos
  • Interesting conference sessions
  • Current laboratory activities or research interests
  • Comments on research development
  • Educational posts
  • Question and answer
  • Video blogs (Vlog)
  • ‘A day in the life of…’ blogs

Happy Blogging!