Our first REAL conference – SfAM 2017

The Microbiome and Human Health Meeting The HumBug GTs were lucky enough to attend their first national conference in April this year at the renowned Bloomsbury Hotel in London. A diverse timetable was generated by The Society for Applied Microbiology covering the microbiome of multiple body sites and the interaction between the microbiome and human […]


Learning and teaching conference

Teesside University hosts an annual programme of Learning and Teaching Enhancement Conferences. This year it was held in Teesside’s ionic new landmark building known as The Curve, located on Campus Heart. It was a two-day conference that took place in June, designed to bring staff and students together to explore current issues under the broad […]


Libby Clements – Graduate Tutor

So, it’s my turn to introduce myself to the blogging world… well the most important thing you need to know about me is that I am an incredibly immature, mature person – I am the one sitting in a meeting trying to stifle a giggle at something completely inappropriate. I have three kids (15, 11 […]


Cassy Dear – Graduate Tutor

Hello! My name is Cassy and welcome to Humbugs@TU! This is my first time blogging so while I’m figuring it out (and probably making some mistakes) I hope to eventually find my own blogger style. Now a little bit about me…  I’m 29 years old from Hartlepool, I have a lively personality and for the […]


Rochelle Hockney: Graduate Tutor

Hello HumBugs,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Rochelle Hockney and I am a Graduate Tutor studying for a PhD in Microbiology, alongside completing a higher education teaching qualification at Teesside University. I am eight months into my PhD and I am enjoying the daily challenges and achievements gained from the Graduate Tutor role.
I must be honest, blogging is new to me. However, I am driven by stimulating challenges and I have realised that this is certainly what I have signed up for in my role at Teesside University.


Welcome to HumBugs@TU

Welcome to the HumBugs@TU Blog,

This is a new a blog for the Human Microbiome Research @ Teesside University community to document their own research activities, discuss relevant and interesting research or to simply comment on current scientific affairs as they occur in the research area of the human microbiome.

Please feel free to contribute to the blog on any of the below topics or select an alternative, relevant topic of your choice.

  • Introductory blogs
  • Published research (This could be your own or to share any interesting papers)
  • Relevant news stories
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  • Interesting conference sessions
  • Current laboratory activities or research interests
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  • ‘A day in the life of…’ blogs

Happy Blogging!