Meet the Team

Teesside University Academic Team:-
Dr Gillian Taylor
Dr Helen Carney
Dr Caroline Orr
Prof Tim Thompson
Dr David Wright

Vindolanda Trust:-
Dr Andrew Birley

University of Western Ontario:-
Dr Elizabeth Greene


PhD Students:-
Rhys Williams
Rhys is the admin for the TUBA blog. He is a graduate tutor at Teesside University, where he carries out research whilst teaching anatomy, physiology, and forensic science. His background is in forensic anthropology, with focus on taphonomy and the determination of forensic relevance. For his PhD, he is developing methods for visualising the archaeology at Vindolanda, including digital modelling and chemical mapping. When not busy at work, he is usually either hunting down the perfect cake or practicing his skills at being a one-man band.


Hrafnhildur ‘Helga’ Halldorsdottir
Helga has a background in languages and classics and did an undergraduate degree in archaeology in Iceland, where she later discovered her passion for the biological sciences through archaeobotany. Since then, her MSc in Archaeological Science at Durham University has led her onto the dark path of isotope analysis of bone and archaebotanical sample material. Currently, she is undertaking a PhD project at Teesside University, forming one part of the TUBA team, investigating the taphonomic factors that have brought us the very well preserved leather shoes discovered at Vindolanda. She is passionate about all things taphonomy-related, as well as method development, experimental archaeology and data visualisation.