I think updating the catapult in game level will  working successful and Our developing the catapult will create the more interest on game .

By this catapult more enemies will at a time. i think this is very useful for the game .

planning Catapult

Catapult :-

I am planning to updated the new character Catapult [at a time] in a game level that kills more number of enemies at a time. A catapult is a ballistic device used to launch a projectile a great distance without the aid of gunpowder or other propellants – particularly various types of ancient and medieval siege engines.  A catapult uses the sudden release of stored potential energy to propel its payload. Most convert tension or torsion energy that was more slowly and manually built up within the device before release, via springs, bows, twisted rope, elastic, or any of numerous other materials and mechanisms. The counterweight trebuchet is a type of catapult that uses gravity.

In use since ancient times, the catapult has proven to be one of the most persistently effective mechanisms in warfare. In modern times the term can apply to devices ranging from a simple hand-held implement (also called a “slingshot”) to a mechanism for launching aircraft from a ship.

The earliest catapults date to at least the 4th century BC with the advent of the mangonel in ancient China, a type of traction trebuchet and catapult.Early uses were also attributed to Ajatashatru of Magadha in his war against the Licchavis. Greek catapults were invented in the early 4th century BC, being attested by Diodorus Siculus as part of the equipment of a Greek army in 399 BC, and subsequently used at the siege of Motya in 397 BC.

Design Options


In the level update the most important is to do level desinging , the atmosphere and environment should be pleasant. in that case the players will show  more interest to play the games for more times.

Play shorter games or try new things. There are times when I feel more motivated to just watch movies or Youtube but when I find a game that I genuinely enjoy, I stick with it until I’ve finished it. Sometimes it’s about mood. trying new things makes always better.

Updating Materials


Creating new materials for upgrading the level of looking game more Beautiful and inresting . trying the different types of materials for leveling up is very challenging.

So I presented this poster last week at the poster presentation sessions and, for the most part, everyone understood the purpose and goals of the project. As for the production of the final project, a fair amount of progress was made and the results were also fair. Further improvements could have been gained from implementing sparse voxel octrees, however this is something I’ll have to add in the future.

Some of the interesting images and effects that were gathered over the project can be seen below.

A few other interesting effects were found, included after the optimizations of certain structures such as the sphere, which created interesting geometric patterns on the inside.
The main purpose for this project was the use and implementation of geometry shaders to prove their effectiveness for a task such as this. Whilst the engine produced worked well and could render things efficiently, a more scientific method would be required to prove how effective it is in comparison to other techniques.
Anyways, the main task for just now is getting the dissertation sorted and writing up about all the findings. On an unrelated note, saw  that generates colourful triangle based backgrounds . Time to get back to the grind.

Upgradeing :-


A Couple of interesting things are planing to improve in the troy game. The tema project is going on, firstly I have registered the changes in game we are planing to be update in world wide. In other news I applied for the Nvidia Academic hardware donation program a few weeks back for a GPU to help with my research into parallel programming and to much surprise I managed to get approved for a GTX Titan. The Titan finally arrived today and, for once, managed to install it without too much bother.

The other thing I have recently embarked upon is altcoin mining, mainly Dogecoin for now. With my GTX 460 I managed to achieve a 120 K/hash rate but the Titan on the other hand doesn’t work with my app so I shall update when I find out. As for the temperature, both the Hawk and Titan are running around the same temperature idle but currently the Titan is having trouble turning its fans on when it gets hot. I will look into this later. Anyways, I shall get to bench marking soon but first is a matter of installing the programs. Check out the photos below to see what it’s like in the case.