Update 1: Weight and size mechanic and Test level development


Gravity Mechanic:
Today I had help to create my “Gravity” mechanic, it was much easier than expected and works really nicely already. I will be getting help from other students a lot when it comes to Blueprinting as it is not the area that I want to specialise in and is not an area I understand. I will instead focus on design, level design, audio and  I decided altering the weight of the player would be easier than altering gravity, and would ultimately achieve the same results. I also wanted to have the character shrink and grow depending on his weight, this was also much easier than I imagined.
The blueprint shown above shows how both of the mechanics work.

Test Level:
After I had my basic mechanics working I started making a small test level (Above). I will  keep adding to this with new ideas utilising my mechanics so that I can learn what is possible and develop ideas that I can add to a level when the time comes. So far I have a series of seesaws that are used in different ways such as reaching higher areas and launching blocks. The seesaw was made using a physics constraint and a cube locked on one axis.
this area is already proving useful for developing new ideas and testing.

I built everything from the UE4 third person pre-set, to give me a solid backbone for all the developments I am going to make. I also slightly changed the character controller by increasing the control you have in the air, as I found the pre-set to be quite unwieldy.