Enemy’s, Audio, Character, Combat and Many things that just to be fixed

Very first thing that I have been working is the Enemy most just coming up with idea for waht kinds I want to make and trying to a good ref for modeling them in blender, that being say they are mostly idea and will hopfully have some of them at the end of the week. As for the Audio I have a large pack of music that I can use for levels and title screens as well as cut scence and it is very easy to change and edit all audio from the pause and maion menu with the UI and Audio Group being set up and assiend to each sound and music. In terms for the player I have a working low poly model that I will be using for the main player character who I have Named Violet I still need to work on the clothing for her animations and texture but for now I’m happy with how she has turn out and have leand a lot about 3D modeling from this. Finally the Combat is in the game player and enermy can hurt each other and enemys will move to the player when in the sight radius more work still needs to be done for this how ever and the test Area needs to be changed as it is caurseing a lot of movement and path finding issues, it inventroy and icons also need to be fixed as well as get the scence changer working as well.

Low poly modle finished

Currently the machanice of the game are coming alone a bit slow for me most as I’m trying to work out the right way to set stats for the player but for now equipment as a modifier that change the reduces the amout of damage taken from enemys. As far as the enemys are going only one is made now animation, texture and AI is what I’ll work on next after fix the up the UI displays and Stats values. I found that the test enviroment I’m using also g=came with a fog scrpit that will help for loading and blocking things the view for the edge of the maps and help to hide some importfection as well.

Fog working in-engine

In the mean time I have  worked on a low poly model for the player character it just needs textture, and to be rig for animation before I start to make the I try and import it in to unity. The audio is working and in the game and even works when changeing levels it made to be simple and will also handle my sound effect for game overs death sounds a Pitch and Volume are also prosence and they will be bind to sounds change and will be editable when in the option menu on paruse and main menu.The audio manager easy to edit and change more option can be added to later.

Video for music and working movemnt to be in the next post aswell as hopefully a rigged preview of the player character.current model need to add and scale abit in places.

Menus and Setting

The main forces of me this week as beening getting the menus setup for Pauseing and audio are graphics setting for the menu still nee to be worked on. For now from the gifs below Filde of vision is working pause menu is binded to ESC and the Changeing the way the player can move With WASD is what I’ll try next alone with mouse moving the camra around the player insted of using the WASD keys to do it and clicking to move around. This method is better as the nav mech I was proviseing using for the terrain was a goos idea it glitching the animation and getting character stuck and enermys as well.

The next I’m going to start working on is the AI for Enemys and fixing some menu error, adding sounds and musics as well adding eqipment and a better chracter model. Will include testing the coming days for each.

Current Testing and Applying

Addon to that last post as I forgot to include them in it.

Phyics Test For Slime and other objects.

Movment, Inventory and Interactable that need fixing and tweeking.

Able to add Items and eqipment in the editor for easliy.

Random terrain Genarator helping to make area easier and fast to make.

Game Update Time

Currently Working on

  • Eqiupment scripts for selecting and unseclting Items
  • Character modeling for later
  • Fixing Animation for walking and running (currenly character skates to points)
  • Modeling Eqiupment and randomiming or set number of stats for them
  • Useable Items/ skills
  • Persuialy Genarated Tarrains
  • Better Controls
  • Menus

Things Finished/Need some Tweeking

  • Inventory Add/removes Items needs some fixes
  • Item interaction
  • Item pick up
  • Movement needs improveing
  • Doors opening and interaction
  • Open doors with keys


Current Game Draft

For this project I decided to make an RPG style game that I have been planning for a while now everything is still in the early stages but for Movement with the use of a navmesh is working and Item interaction I’m current working on, at the moment the items can be clicked on and the player can move to and around the small testing area while I start working on other terrains. There currently is a base player model that will be updated to a person with add movment animation next to the model.

next thing to atartlooking into is the items, inventory and animation with inbetween the getting the terrains made.

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