Week 1-3 Development

This is my week one blog for the development of my game mechanic for the Total War: Troy, where I will be showing the development process that I went through to come up with my idea for a game mechanic.

When I was tasked with making something for the game, Total War: Troy, I instantly knew that I wanted to do a game mechanic, since I’m hoping to get a career in game design in the future. When I was thinking about what kind of game mechanic to do, my lecturer had mentioned a mechanic where based on what a flaming arrow hits, there would be a different effect, such as the fire going out if it went into water. After hearing this, I got the idea to make a mechanic where based on where a metal sword hit on a enemy, a different effect would show, such as metal sparks when it hits metal armour, and more, which I have detailed in my proposal.

When making my proposal, I first went and researched the game, since I had never heard of the game before. While doing some research, I found multiple images that showed the types of armour and clothing that the units wear, helping me get a sense of what types of materials I would need to think about and how a metal sword hitting against them would react and what effect would occur.

After I had done and gathered some research, I started to write up my proposal, detailing what I wanted to do as a game mechanic, and the details of each different material I was thinking of. I added in multiple pictures, the  ones that showed the types of armour and clothing that is worn, to help show what types of materials I would be working with.