Week 1 – 3

Week 1 – 3 Research

This marks the first couple of weeks of my module, for the first weeks I will research about the gameplay and classes of Total War: Troy so I know about the game my module is about as I don’t really know to much of the game and how it plays.

My goal for the project is to make 3 new classics for total war with UI and a class change system in unreal to demonstrate how it would work in game. Since I don’t know how to use unreal that well I should mess around with it to learn how stuff works. I could also look at some tutorials to understand how certain tools work.

As for the UI, I have experience in photoshop already as I have done other projects using it, as well as doing some UI concepts for a game jam I did in college. This means I can spend less time on this area of research, I just need to look at the art style of Total war so my UI is similar and not out of place.