Production Stage 1 – Player Mechanics 3 END


Here is the final video presentation for player mechanics. The allocated time for this production stage has ended.
I have created a video texture background to replace the previous iterations. I found it hard to find a simple looping video of natural objects from a birds eye view. many had cameras that changed angle or pointed the wrong way. I tested some cloud particle effects but they didn’t cover the background entirely and having a looping cloud system could have an impact on the game. Fortunately, i found a video of clouds that was royalty free and would look nice. The raw video wasn’t very long which was a shame, but it was what i was looking for. I followed an online tutorial to make a looping background in premiere. (Looping Tutorial)

I made the player shoot 2 projectiles at once. In the previous blog i outlined that the projectile shooting location interfered with the laser. I moved the projectile shooter location to the sides and added another to balance it out. I think this balances out well. I did try having the projectiles be alternate, but this made aiming look inaccurate.

The rotation gun (BEAM) now has a cooldown as the player did not have much reason to fire the beam continuously. I added a simple UI element below the player to show the beam power. The player cannot fire when the laser has less than 1 second of ‘laser juice’.

On top of this, i made a quick HUD screen (it’s just a small rectangle in the corner right now that says HUD). I am far away from creating the UI and it may be better with less non-diegetic UI elements. There is also UI elements for player lives. Again it’s very basic but there is plenty of time for polish at the end.

Furthermore, i made the player EXPLODE upon death. This is a less needed feature but it does better represent when a player has died.And it looks cool.

Finally, i made some temporary moving enemies. These work with simple collisions using the event tick, which isn’t wanted in the final version. But, it works for what i need now.

i am very happy on how this first week turned out despite not being able to complete elements that i’ve labelled ‘should’ with the MoSCoW system.

I am now moving onto creating the enemies. I have further broken down the enemy mechanics list as i’ve learnt that i need to breakdown my tasks more thoroughly. This caused issues with player mechanics and i have made adjustments.

(Rows in grey are elements that have been added to since the first version)