FYP Diary Entry

Diary Entry:

Week 1: Started planning out my project, gathered footage and research materials

Week 2: Writing for proposal hand in next week, made move list after researching. Next week I want to have the proposal completed with my storyboard drawn out

Week 3: Proposal handed in and storyboard drawn out, booked a mocap session and contacted talent for mocap shoot hopefully will be able to record all my moves

Week 4: 50% of mocap moves recorded due to setback due to the talent needed to reschedule, got another session booked for following week where all moves will be recorded.

Week 5: Recorded last of moves and started clean-up process, also started creating the environment which should be finished within the coming weeks.

Week 6-8: Completed environment and about 75% of moves imported into 3ds Max, ready to be put into the final animation scenes.

Week 9: All moves ready to be used in animation and started importing them to the final scenes.

Week 10-11: All animations in place and all sorted, all camera angels sorted and animations rendered.

Week 12: All scenes rendered, video edited and exported, and final product handed in.