Young athletes a product ?

Big market :

Besides the received salaries as soccer player in training center, the young players can sign sponsorship deals with brands, in particular sports equipment manufacturers: Nike, Adidas, Puma …

Prestigious brands contact young soccer players with great potential as soon as they begin to have a market value. All the young people in training center do not sign contracts with sponsors, but the brands are used to investing on very young players.

Contrary to the salary of footballers or there are laws and standards. However for the young athletes there n are few laws. The marks(brands) thus put criteria on the remuneration for the players. Like The potential of evolution of the player, his current and future fame, its age and naturally its performances.

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(Exemple of Neymar, who first deal with nike was at 16 years old. He is now concidered like most marketable athlete in the world)

Big Turnover :

Even if the contracts of a young soccer player are important, the remunerations offered by the brands can allow the player to earn an income supplement which you should not neglect.

Besides the financial aspect, the aspect prestige is a reality. The soccer players like associating their image with a brand, especially if it is prestigious.

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From the adolescence, young soccer players are sponsored and can so show the marks when they are on soccer fields or outside. The marks ask regularly to the players to rest on the social networks with products of the mark.

With regard to the colossal sums given to professional soccer players, the investment on young soccer players is rather small. To show the mark, he allows especially to have an option for a more important contract if the player explodes.

The most active both marks are naturally Nike and Adidas.

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The remunerations and the practised price lists are very variable according to the potential and the fame of the young soccer player.

A young 16-year-old soccer player can so benefit from an annual salary going from 5 000 to 10 000 €. The more the fame of the player progresses and the more its exhibition increases, the more the remuneration is adapted.

Besides salaries offered by the marks, “bonuses of performances” can appear in sponsorship deals. International selections or national titles will allow the soccer player to benefit from a more important remuneration.

Most of the marks(brands) offer free of charge shoes and clothes to the young soccer players. It is about products which the soccer players can get back in the stores of the mark(brand) or the presents which they receive directly at home.

It is not only about products intended for the practice of the soccer, but also about shoes and the clothes to be used (and post) on a daily basis.

Conclusion :

Finaly we can say that, teenagers and young athletes, are an opportunity for big company to expend their profits and their turnovers. However, ethic use of theses players is a problem. Because the brand see in every good player an object who can promote himself…

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