Supreme’s 4P

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "supreme grenouille"Since opening in 1994, the Supreme Brand has expanded  from a small downtown New York wear brand, into the world famous fashion brand that he is now. Keeping to it’s skatebording roots, Supreme continues to focus on skate wear , but also colaborates with world famous brand, such as Nike; Timberland, and The North Face. To create some of the most exclusive fashion collections. Their unique brand positioning and marketing campains are what make them such worldwide success. Supreme are changing the way skate brands are perceived.

Product : 

Supreme have an exclusive range of products in each collection, all available in a range of different colours. This is where where stands out from other brands. As they do not limit themselves to having one product design in one color. They offer you variety. This continues trought into supremes collaborations with world famous brands such as Nike, Vans, Louis Vuitton. They use variety of different colors ways for their exclusive marchandise. Supreme also offer a wide range of personalised accesories, to blankets and flasks, all depicting the signature supreme box logo. In-store, Supreme also sell brands like such as Vans, Trashers, showing their support rather than competing. Altrought Supreme is skate brand, they etablished themselves as a brand know for “quality, style and authenticity” wich is reflected in their marchandise. Their products are made to high quality usisng prenium fabrics with unique designs.

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Pricing :

Supreme is considered like luxe brand, Supreme produces every season several hundred different rooms which the mark puts on sale with a weekly rhythm and in very small quantities. Proof of the incredible success of the brand, the imitations teem and the black market went rarely as well. The last one ” photo tee ” with the rapper Nas, sold 48 euros in store, tears away between 250 and 300 euros with private individuals or on sites specialized in the Supreme resale of products today.

August 23rd of this year, site Gwarizm took out again inmost depths of Internet an interview of James Jebbia, the brain which hides behind Supreme, in whom he expressed himself exactly on the underground economy generated by his own mark. “I do not really like that, he sanctioned, simply because we do our best to return our clothes accessible to the young people. After all, Supreme is a mark of skateboard and when I see our products on eBay, they are resold at prices at least twice as dear.”

Here are the average prices of Supreme brand collection :

T-Shirt : 50 – 80 £

Shirts : 100 £

Jumpers and hoodies : 100£

Outerwear : 200 – 250 £

Trousers and Jeans : 70£ – 100£

Hats : 40£

Skateboard Deck : 45£

Accesories : 20£ – 200£

Stickers : Free with purchase

But during collaborations the prices increase, as during the collection : Louis Vuitton x Supreme :

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Place :

Supreme’s London store combines a clean, minimalistic style  that’s more commun in hight end fashion stores, with skateboards and urban after artwork. The clothes are kept downstairs so customers have to venture throught the shop to find them. This further show their exclusivity because it’s as if they are being hidden away so passers-by cannot see. There are no windows displays or manequins, and there is very limited stock available as with of their most collection their is only small amount manufactured. Supreme product are only sold on internet, or in store.

Young athletes a product?

Besides the received salaries as soccer player in training center, the young players can sign sponsorship deals with brands, in particular sports equipment manufacturers: Nike, Adidas, Puma …

Prestigious brands contact young soccer players with great potential as soon as they begin to have a market value. All the young people in training center do not sign contracts with sponsors, but the brands are used to investing on very young players.

Contrary to the salary of footballers or there are laws and standards. However for the young athletes there n are few laws. The marks(brands) thus put criteria on the remuneration for the players. Like The potential of evolution of the player, his current and future fame, its age and naturally its performances.

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(Exemple of Neymar, who first deal with nike was at 16 years old. He is now concidered like most marketable athlete in the world)

Even if the contracts of a young soccer player are important, the remunerations offered by the brands can allow the player to earn an income supplement which you should not neglect.

Besides the financial aspect, the aspect prestige is a reality. The soccer players like associating their image with a brand, especially if it is prestigious.

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From the adolescence, young soccer players are sponsored and can so show the marks when they are on soccer fields or outside. The marks ask regularly to the players to rest on the social networks with products of the mark.

With regard to the colossal sums given to professional soccer players, the investment on young soccer players is rather small. To show the mark, he allows especially to have an option for a more important contract if the player explodes.

The most active both marks are naturally Nike and Adidas.

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The remunerations and the practised price lists are very variable according to the potential and the fame of the young soccer player.

A young 16-year-old soccer player can so benefit from an annual salary going from 5 000 to 10 000 €. The more the fame of the player progresses and the more its exhibition increases, the more the remuneration is adapted.

Besides salaries offered by the marks, “bonuses of performances” can appear in sponsorship deals. International selections or national titles will allow the soccer player to benefit from a more important remuneration.

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Most of the marks(brands) offer free of charge shoes and clothes to the young soccer players. It is about products which the soccer players can get back in the stores of the mark(brand) or the presents which they receive directly at home.

It is not only about products intended for the practice of the soccer, but also about shoes and the clothes to be used (and post) on a daily basis.