The Poseidon: Through Deep Waters – Overview

In the first two weeks, I produced a games design document to show my research and design specification for my project.


This project is based on a film called ‘The Poseidon Adventure’.

The Poseidon Adventure is a film that was made in 1972, which was based on the novel by Paul Gallico. The story details a passenger liner travelling from New York to Greece. During the journey, the ship is hit by a tidal wave and flips upside down. Fortunately, there are 10 survivors.

I will be taking inspiration from the films direction and other media to produce a 2.5D survival puzzle platformer, which will mean that the game will be presented in a 3D world, but with 2D art backdrops. Some parts of the game will allow the player to explore a level using all movement controls, whereas other rooms will force the player to move left and right. A mixture of platformer and side scroller.

‘The Poseidon: Through Deep Waters’  is a singleplayer game which will consist of two levels. The first level will introduce the controls and story of the video game to the player, whereas the second level challenges the player to traverse around an area with the risk of drowning.

My main focus will be on the level design and gameplay mechanics, and secondly, the overall layout of the game. The aim of the game is to find/collect all survivors and escape the sinking ship. Each character will have a skill that will help the player through the two levels. The more survivors found and collected, the more ability the player has to complete the level.