Project Artifact Submitted

Today is my project artifact submission day!

I am both nervous and excited.

Nervous because I really hope all my hard work and efforts pays off. I tried to meet all the requests of my supervisor and second reader and I really hope I meet their expectations.

Excited because this journey has been tough and long yet rewarding. I am looking forward to presenting my project to my supervisor and second reader..

Fingers crossed!

AI Database

After picking my brain trying to figure the database, I finally managed to do it through Microsoft Visio.

It helps that Microsoft Visio provides you with ready IT tables and tools for designing so I didn’t need to start from scratch.

And my website design was already finalized so it was not too difficult linking the database to the website.

My supervisor Dr. Ian saw it and approved of it. Mission completed!

Ian Returns :)!

I am relieved my supervisor Dr. Ian has returned and is recovering!

We sat together to look into how far my project has come. He was generally happy with my work which was so reassuring for me.

I discussed with him my struggles with SQL solutions. He told me I could try Word Press or Microsoft Visio to develop my database.

I am more familiar with Microsoft Visio but for the sake of my project I will try them both out!

Working my way through Marvel App

For the project artifact, I’ve created a prototype to demonstrate how government services can be automated. I’ve used Marvel App, which is a front-end prototype.

Individual pages are needed for each command. Although the website offers 4 main services, below are the screenshots of the “hyperlinks” of each tab/button!



Meeting about Database

My second reader Ms. Jackie told me I needed to have a database to show how AI can impact my design.

She asked me to look into designing it through SQL.

This seems challenging to me as I have never used any AI database solutions. Although I’ve researched the theories behind it and included it in my project, I have no experience or knowledge on the practicality behind it.

Approval from the Ministry

The motivation of this project of creating an online service with the incorporation of AI came from my workplace – the directorate of telecommunication department in the Ministry of Interior in the Implementation and Documentation section. Prior to my arrival to the United Kingdom I was having a discussion with my supervisors on the topic of AI as we all shared an interest in the subject. We were discussed ways of how it can be implemented in the governmental services and this is where my motivation to create such a prototype to demonstrate to my workplace of how this can be a successful service. In addition, a letter was sent to my workplace before the start of the project for the ministry’s approval of my research.

Survey Results

Two weeks have passed since my survey link has been floating around people’s whatsapps, emails, smart phones, and computer screens.

I am ecstatic and proud to say I received a total of 106 responses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is even higher than what I was aiming for! I am so grateful to everyone who participated in this!

Next step… Data Analysis!

Still No Proposal Grade + 2nd Reader Ms. Jackie

It’s been a month and a half and I have not yet received my proposal grade.

I was told my supervisor Dr. Ian is really ill.. I’m not sure what this means for me..

Who will grade my proposal? Will it remain ungraded until someone notices? I have already received a horrible poster grade which now left me thinking that I’m not only off to a bad start.. but on the path for a hopeless project.

I met with my second reader Ms. Jackie Barker who looked into my project’s progress and she told me I was headed in the right direction.. She had some positive feedback on my work and recommended some minor alterations.

However at this point I can’t consider verbal feedback to be helpful in any way.. Verbal feedback is what boosted my confidence the first time.. and I ended up far from where I expected..

I also got to express my poster grading frustration to Jackie who told me she will look into the matter..

Below are her notes from our meeting.

Poster Grade

If you read my previous two posts, you’d have a different expectation to what was actually received.

I am utterly disappointed and have no words to describe how I am feeling.

A very angry email is on its way to those who graded me. That’s all I have to say about this.

The below screenshot says it all.