Meeting regarding Poster

The second part of the project was creating a poster. I love designing and I put my full effort into this poster. I was very confident with it however I wanted Dr. Ian to see it before the submission to get his feedback.

And to my surprise, he was very impressed with the uniqueness of my poster. He had lots of positive feedback to share with me.

It just needed minor changes but overall I got the green light to submit.

Methodology Idea

Since my project is research-based, I didn’t just want to use secondary data from online sources. I got a great idea of conducting my own research.

I decided to create a survey to support my research. I want to show that my personal input is included in my background research of the project.

Realizing that the report is out of 40 and the viva is out of 40, I realize time is precious and I can’t afford to spend a lot of time on this project. So I will use an online survey maker to create my survey questionnaire. I will be using as I am most familiar with that website and it has the advantage of doing the analysis part for me in the form of charts and graphs which will be an excellent addition to my research.

Research Proposal Submission

While writing my research proposal I realized how challenging this project will be. The final project handbook alone was over 10 pages long and the criteria required to be included in each part of the project made me want to scratch my eye balls out.

I did not let it scare me, I took it as a challenge. I decided to go ahead and submit my proposal despite my supervisor advising me not to. He told me if I didn’t submit it I would still guarantee a score of 2 out of 5.

However I worked my butt off for this proposal and I clarified it will be research-based and I am confident I will put my full effort into this project.

So I took the risk and submitted my research proposal.

Initial Meeting with Supervisor

Today I met with my supervisor Dr. Ian. I shared with him my project ideas and what I plan to create for my artifact.

He said my topic was a fantastic one as artificial intelligence is currently trending. He advised I would have some difficulties with my artifact as to what i would base my database on.

He then explained the challenges I may face through the completion of this project and advised me not to submit my proposal and to find an easier idea.