FYP development diary

Week 1: My teammate and I quickly discussed what type of game we wanted to create (which was a FPS zombie survival game) which led to us deciding what Mechanics we wanted through a list on Google drive so we both could see how progress was going. I started off by making the wave system so that it would work like Call of Duty: Black Op’s zombie mode.

Week 2: I started work on the wave system first so that the base of our game is functional. The way that I did the wave system was through a data structure and data table so that it knew what actors to spawn into the level, how many to spawn, and where to spawn them. The only actor that is being spawned in however is just shapes as a way to test if the actors actually spawn into the level.

Week 3: This week I have started work on a basic AI that chases the player when it sees them. The main thing that I wanted to test was to see how it reacts to the data structure and table since I wasn’t sure how the AI would react to being spawned through spawn points from a data table. There was nothing to worry about though as it worked just fine.

Week 4: For this week I started to work on the AI health values and a quick melee attack that the player could use to damage the AI when it is in close range. I also made sure that the AI took damage when shot from the first person projectile object so that we could see the damage values work properly when being either damaged by melee or projectile. 

Week 5: The focus this week was to create grenades that the player can throw at the AI to damage them while only having a limited amount to use until the player gets more. The grenade works great at this point as it has realistic physics and does destroy the AI but that itself is a problem as we want the grenade to only damage the zombies a little bit so that way the grenades aren’t too trusted during the later stages. But at the moment I haven’t seen a way to cause damage to the AI so atm it instantly destroys them. I also created a binding for the grenades on the HUD so the player can see how many grenades they have.

Week 6: My focus this week was another mechanic which was the grapple hook which we decided to have since we wanted a unique mechanic to our zombie survival game which could help mix up the gameplay. I tried one version which didn’t work so I decided to look into another way to do it so that it was functional before merging with my teammate. The 2nd version was completely functional and was easy to modify so that we can set it to whatever variables that we wanted it to be.



Sorry for not being up to date with the diary as I have had certain circumstances during the pandemic but have been making slow progress with the project and have decided to release this diary all at once to make things simpler.