4 minute read

A week of student nights

Freshers kicks off 14 September this year, lasting two weeks. It will feature jam-packed events, mainly at the Student Union and will be your first experience of student night life. Once freshers is over and you settle comfortably into university […]

3 minute read

Best places to view live music

Teesside is the birthplace of such musical legacies as; Free and Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers, X-Factor winner James Arthur and 80s hair/metal band Whitesnake. They all had to start somewhere, mainly their local venues, pubs, clubs even weddings. If […]

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Things to do in Teesside

During your time at TU, you will spend a considerable amount of time at the library, in lectures and probably in bed. You may find yourself with a quite a bit of free-time and you can’t go to the pub […]