Student finance

You’ll soon be able to apply for student finance. Follow Student Finance England on social media and you’ll be the first to know when applications open. They share great videos about student finance to pay for tuition fees and living costs, how to apply for student finance and getting student finance in time. If you still have questions about how it all works, visit their website.


Make sure you check out what scholarships and bursaries your chosen universities are offering. Some are automatically awarded, others you need to apply for. This is money that can help towards study, living or travel costs so you don’t want to miss out. Teesside University has a range of bursaries and scholarships.


Blackbullion gives independent advice on the financial reality of university life including top tips on budgeting and managing your money. You can also sign up for Money Ready for Uni, an online course to help you understand all things university and money.