Clearing is a chance to get a place on a course after the main UCAS application deadline has passed. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to start university this September.

Simply, it’s a matching scheme — helping students find the right course at the right place.

73,320 students used Clearing in 2020 according to WhatUni.

Almost all universities have a presence in Clearing, with thousands of places available across a huge range of courses.

Clearing officially opens on Monday 5 July. Prospective students need to have already received their grades to apply, and so most Clearing activity takes place from A-level results day onwards (Tuesday 10 August). If students have already applied, they can find out their application decisions from 8:30 am on results day by checking UCAS Track — and depending on their outcomes, Clearing can then become a real gamechanger.

The accompanying scheme to Clearing is Adjustment. This process supports students who’ve achieved even better results than predicted, and who want to explore new university and course options.

 Who can apply through Clearing?

You can apply through Clearing if:

  • You have applied through UCAS but haven’t received an offer from your five choices.
  • You have applied through UCAS but haven’t achieved the results needed to get into your first or insurance choice university.
  • You decide to apply after UCAS Extra has closed.
  • You decline your firm choice university.

You might choose to apply through Clearing for a few reasons:

  • you want to change your subject choice.
  • you decide to study closer to home or further away from home.
  • you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for.
  • you have only recently decided to apply to university. 

Are you in Clearing?

If you have already applied to university through UCAS, you will have the option to add a Clearing choice if you:

  • Weren’t made any offers
  • Declined your offers
  • Didn’t meet the conditions of a conditional offer and haven’t been accepted by your firm or insurance choice university
  • Applied after 30 June 

You can get a head start on Clearing by: 

  • Booking on an open day – (the next one is 4 September 2021).
  • Attending an Instagram Q&A session (the next one is 5 August 2021).
  • Asking our advisors anything on our online chat –
  • Book your own personalised visit to our campus –
  • Talking through your options with our admissions teams – 01642 335005
  • Read our ‘Debunking the Clearing Myths’ blog that aims to dispel some of the most common misconceptions around applying through Clearing and going to university –
  • Check out useful websites such as UCAS, What Uni and The Student Room for helpful tips and advice.