Esports the growing lure for football giants .





Esports is a rising powerhouse in the world of sports and entertainment . The bringing together of sports and gaming creating a winning formula for the modern age . Twitch ,facebook and youtube to name a few are the powerhouses when it comes to broadcasting this new exciting sport to the world with over 225.7million hours of streaming streamed to over 144 million users last year alone .

“Sport is a dynamic cultural phenomenon. It is continually changing, and this is perhaps increasingly so as sport embraces new technologies. New technology can modify the way in which existing sports are played and enjoyed”

Football has begun to cotton on to this phenomenon . The main Demographic of Esports is tailored towards the younger generation a market that football teams have decided to focus on . Through doing so they’ve opened up a wider range of branding oppurtunities and understood the need to adapt to a younger demographic . Especially in a time when the average of the football fan is increasing . The average age of a premiership football fan last year was 46.

Manchester city have tapped in to the industry massively by creating there very own esports team and colloborating with a pre established Leading team in the Esports world with Fazeclan who already have a massive global following. Through doing so they’ve managed to branch out to a preexisting fan base and enhance there own image and brand to a completely new audience and created vast marketing oppurtunities where they previously wouldn’t have much of an influence over . Streaming has created the platform for them to reach every corner of the globe .





Powers of Persuasion


Sporting industries are increasingly using social media pushing political and social views.  Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and YouTube are popular platforms for this . With the vast scale of content that’s distributed across audiences and the mutual benefits that can be gained from this promotion .

“Connections among individuals -Social network and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arises from them”. (Putnam 2000)

Marcus Rashford has grown up around social media especially Twitter. He came from a low income family on free school meals .Using his sporting influence to affect change within government legislation and made the government supply more funding combating child poverty in the UK.His following of 3.9million people helped to create the platform to voice his beliefs and views in a way that  wouldn’t have been possible otherwise . His brand and presence on social media make him an appealing role model. Doing this he’s created positive changes. Increasing his popularity and branding .Opening up new audiences within sports and other industries. Creating a brand that people want to be involved with.


Numerous campaigns at present are being projected across social media  most recently Nikes black lives matters campaign .

Social media can be extremely detrimental due to continuing scrutiny from being able to be completely accessibly and being in the public eye . Once the people, franchise or brand are out in the open they are susceptible to scrutiny .