The IPL The Gift that keeps on giving .

20/20 Cricket has become the favoured format for cricket fans globally. This has largely been down to the success  IPL .

In a country that idolises cricket . Why not bring all the worlds best players to India with the music, cheerleaders and prizes. Its created a winning formula for entertainment. Bringing BOLLYWOOD to cricket .

The model that the BCCI  have based it around is the NFL . Last year the NFL raked in 102million viewers globally for the Super Bowl . The format begins with a live auction broadcast globally.Then the tournament is a round robin format ,the top 4 teams battle it out in a play off format to decide the winner.

Offering riches to stars like Ben Stokes a player who’s social medias has a following of 3,402,708 through twitter and facebook his massive sponsorship’s with Red bull and Addidas . They’ve understood the need to bring  top players to create increase marketing opportunities .

“Sport promotions represents the most visible component of the sports marketing mix. In many cases presenting to a market the end results of a process of strategy and planning around how the organisations wishes to communicate with consumers ” (David Sudbury 2020)

Duff and Phelps in 2019 valued the IPL at $6.8 billion dollars a 7% increase from the previous year.This has inspired other brands around such as The Big Bash ,T20Blast and the Caribbean Super League. It’s been seen as detrimental to the progression of other formats in cricket such as Test cricket .



David Sulbury, strategic sports marketing , Routledge 2020 p180