Power to the Brands



Nike, Addidas , Coca Cola and Red bull to name a few  have begun to assert there power and influence across the Sporting industry as a whole . They’ve established themselves as credible affiliations and sponsors for sporting brands, athletes and competitions across the globe .

In an age where sponsorships and advertisements are more lucrative money spinners than  conventional means of income . These companies have changed their marketing strategies to reflect the rising advantages of communicating there brand and influence to there audience . They are focusing a lot of their strategies towards sponsorships and affiliating themselves with the top athletes and teams in the world (chadwick et al,2017) .

Nikes marketing department have focused on this type of promotion extensively by offering mega money deals to the worlds top stars on a few occasions offering life time mega money deals to athletes such as Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo . Focusing on them as a brand and the exposure and following they have globally . Through focusing on already established stars and sports franchises they are able to project there product to an already growing fan base . They have extensively focused on sports in which they provide the clothing and Equipment for enhancing there exposure furthermore. They are a formidable presence in sports such as Tennis , Golf, NBA, NFl, Football and MLB .


There presence in the sporting industry has helped them to use to there affiliated stars to promote their products and even there ethical views globally.



European Glory





UEFA European championship 2021. The crown in the jewel of European international football . The annual event that pits the best of the best in European international football against each other to be crowned Europe’s best Team . This years competition will  be the 16th time the event has been hosted .

With the ongoing effect of the global pandemic this years event was postponed by a year originally it was meant to take place in 2020 .

Uefa have for the 1st time branched out and held the tournament over various different venues across Europe 12 different countries to be precise. Using this clever little ploy they have hit there essential marketing points. They’ve understood that they can enhance there marketability by expanding out to more than one country at a time understanding the importance of the placing for the venues . Subsequently enhancing the want and needs of there product . The event is being broadcast across 65 different countries worldwide . Creating the perfect platform to showcase the event , through doing this they have also created masses of oppurtunities for there partners and sponsorships globally such as coca cola , heineken and Vivo. Providing everyone assosciated a massive platform for promotion .


“Coca-Cola is a perfect partner for us, not only because of its long association with UEFA, but also because of its ability to unite people and bring them together. This is particularly relevant for UEFA EURO 2020, as for the first time, we are staging the tournament across 12 countries, which will allow more fans than ever to watch top-level football across the continent.”

With the use of multiple venues Uefa have been able to package the tournament as a holiday destination and enhance the experiences for its consumers. Linking travel and tourism to the tournament creating a symbiotic relationship that understands the wants and needs of the consumer and enhancing the product they are able to offer.





Esports the growing lure for football giants .





Esports is a rising powerhouse in the world of sports and entertainment . The bringing together of sports and gaming creating a winning formula for the modern age . Twitch ,facebook and youtube to name a few are the powerhouses when it comes to broadcasting this new exciting sport to the world with over 225.7million hours of streaming streamed to over 144 million users last year alone .

“Sport is a dynamic cultural phenomenon. It is continually changing, and this is perhaps increasingly so as sport embraces new technologies. New technology can modify the way in which existing sports are played and enjoyed”

Football has begun to cotton on to this phenomenon . The main Demographic of Esports is tailored towards the younger generation a market that football teams have decided to focus on . Through doing so they’ve opened up a wider range of branding oppurtunities and understood the need to adapt to a younger demographic . Especially in a time when the average of the football fan is increasing . The average age of a premiership football fan last year was 46.

Manchester city have tapped in to the industry massively by creating there very own esports team and colloborating with a pre established Leading team in the Esports world with Fazeclan who already have a massive global following. Through doing so they’ve managed to branch out to a preexisting fan base and enhance there own image and brand to a completely new audience and created vast marketing oppurtunities where they previously wouldn’t have much of an influence over . Streaming has created the platform for them to reach every corner of the globe .



  • https://unsplash.com/s/photos/esports


Live Sport to Living rooms


Sporting industries have suffered with the global pandemic covid-19 . Forcing sports to adapt using streaming ,interactive services and Apps which are the leading the platforming technologies.

Apps as a technology have become a fundamental in heightening the experiences within sports. Football uses this to its advantage, using apps such as Super 6 , Dream Team it changes the consumer experience within the sport. Amazon and Youtube’s apps have become  integral streaming  on a smartphone, computer or device meaning it’s easily accessible for the consumer. In a time where it is becoming harder to offer the physical product the technologies are helping to bring the product to the consumers.

“Technology has become a game changer when it comes to sport .With customer experience being a key element for all sports marketers, before , during and after the event”.(featherstonehaugh,2009)

Amazon prime  has over 150million subscribers worldwide . Through using Amazon’s streaming service the product can be distributed to wider audiences likewise with  Youtube . With apps and streaming services you can use them on multiple devices . Hence expanding the experience for the consumer. In an era where everyone wants everything this type of technology is paramount to ensuring the experience .

Some would argue that it takes away the experience you can only get from  live sports. Although streaming sites are brilliant, many pirate sites out there are profiting from streaming live sporting events ,taking much needed money away from the sporting industry.



The IPL The Gift that keeps on giving .

20/20 Cricket has become the favoured format for cricket fans globally. This has largely been down to the success  IPL .

In a country that idolises cricket . Why not bring all the worlds best players to India with the music, cheerleaders and prizes. Its created a winning formula for entertainment. Bringing BOLLYWOOD to cricket .

The model that the BCCI  have based it around is the NFL . Last year the NFL raked in 102million viewers globally for the Super Bowl . The format begins with a live auction broadcast globally.Then the tournament is a round robin format ,the top 4 teams battle it out in a play off format to decide the winner.

Offering riches to stars like Ben Stokes a player who’s social medias has a following of 3,402,708 through twitter and facebook his massive sponsorship’s with Red bull and Addidas . They’ve understood the need to bring  top players to create increase marketing opportunities .

“Sport promotions represents the most visible component of the sports marketing mix. In many cases presenting to a market the end results of a process of strategy and planning around how the organisations wishes to communicate with consumers ” (David Sudbury et.al 2020)

Duff and Phelps in 2019 valued the IPL at $6.8 billion dollars a 7% increase from the previous year.This has inspired other brands around such as The Big Bash ,T20Blast and the Caribbean Super League. It’s been seen as detrimental to the progression of other formats in cricket such as Test cricket .



David Sulbury et.al, strategic sports marketing , Routledge 2020 p180




Powers of Persuasion


Sporting industries are increasingly using social media pushing political and social views.  Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and YouTube are popular platforms for this . With the vast scale of content that’s distributed across audiences and the mutual benefits that can be gained from this promotion .

“Connections among individuals -Social network and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arises from them”. (Putnam 2000)

Marcus Rashford has grown up around social media especially Twitter. He came from a low income family on free school meals .Using his sporting influence to affect change within government legislation and made the government supply more funding combating child poverty in the UK.His following of 3.9million people helped to create the platform to voice his beliefs and views in a way that  wouldn’t have been possible otherwise . His brand and presence on social media make him an appealing role model. Doing this he’s created positive changes. Increasing his popularity and branding .Opening up new audiences within sports and other industries. Creating a brand that people want to be involved with.



Numerous campaigns at present are being projected across social media  most recently Nikes black lives matters campaign .

Social media can be extremely detrimental due to continuing scrutiny from being able to be completely accessibly and being in the public eye . Once the people, franchise or brand are out in the open they are susceptible to scrutiny .