RTS Unit Selection and Move (Single Unit)

I managed to make a simple but effective RTS unit selection mechanic control units via the camera. It works by using character blueprints (because they have movement components to allow them to run around) and blueprint interfaces.

Essentially, the camera detects a mouse click event, gets the position of the cursor and if the cursor is on a character, a message is sent to the character blueprint via the BP interface. The character then highlights itself using a material that is attached to the post process volume in the level; this is temporary until i create my own decals and ui components for the characters.

The way the movement works is similar but instead of telling the character to highlight, the interface tells the character to move to the location of the mouse cursor.

The character then casts to a custom AI controller that then tells the character to move to the location that was clicked by the player, as long as they can navigate to it, this is provided by the navigation mesh and anyway that is green is cleared for the character to move around in.

RTS Camera II (prototype)

For the camera, i also added a zoom in/zoom out feature and a tilt function. There are examples of in engine and the blueprints below.

The one issue is that i want to give the ability for the player to use 3d rotation, however, because of the way my camera panning is set up, it creates an issue where if the camera is rotated, the direction of the pan will not be the same once the camera has rotated; essentially, if the camera is rotated 90 degrees to the right, and the player tries to pan up ward, the camera will move to the right instead of up. This is an issue i will need to fix.