Week 11 – 15/04/19: The Resolution’s Half

I ummed and ahhed a bit as to whether I should make blog posts during Easter, but by now I figure there’s no harm in doing so. So, hello!

This week’s again focused on the demo, mostly on feature integration.

The first thing I want to show this time is that the demo is now going to be in 540p, instead of the prior 1080p. In proposition this would mean changing the visual style to 32×32-tile sprites, though with this pitch the art is only temporary anyway, so it’s just a matter of resizing.

I’ve gone through and made all the mechanics’ value changes necessary for the change in resolution, such as lowering the walking speed. Since this might come with its share of testing, DPH have been helpful by including visible collision points.

You can also see early implementation of the HUD at the top, there.

Here you can see I’ve implemented the snow projectiles, which have physics and have an animated destruction effect. Enemies turning into snowballs is also here in an early form. Still to do are sorting out issues with the transitions between both objects, and having it apply to all enemy types.

For this upcoming week, I have this list of coding priorities for the fantastic DPH to chip away at as deemed appropriate, with suggested priority. Myself, I need to resume work on the presentation in order to prepare it for recording it next week, and make a start on my final report.

Take care, everyone.