Cactus Factsheet


           People know that cactus grows mostly in the desert, and they do not realise that cactus can grow indoor and forest. For cactus to develop, some conditions are needed and useful for its expansions. These are light (sunlight), soil nutrients, water, PH and substances, temperature, and humidity. 

As all multicellular and unicellular organisms, light is essential for healthy development through our life cycle. Cactus needs to consume at last six hours of daily light to stimulate their growth. Excess of sunlight or other lighting devices can harm another cactus. 

         Good, adapted soil should also be the key to their development of cactus. Us human, we relied on productive soil for food, cactus does the same and for that to happen. Sand, pebbles, or porous provide excellent drainage and plenty of aeration. 

              Water activates the growing process of plant. Cactus receives water rarely (every six weeks or more in some deserts) and when they get it, water trigger rapid development of each part spikes, roots, areole, etc. This liquid mostly comes from rain and tsunami. 

              Substances such as phosphorus and nitrogen are crucial elements for rooting of cactus pads and other cactus propagules. They mostly grow in an acidic environment with a PH range of 5 – 6.5. 

               favourable Condition is necessary for an excellent quality cactus to develop and expand their life cycle. Temperature value of 70 or more degrees Fahrenheit can be suitable for this plant growth and development. Cactus enlargement mostly occurred under harsh conditions (hot temperature). Their humidity, however, is low and can be experimented indoor, ranging from 40 to 60 percent.