Time management – Thursday tips

Regular followers of our blog will realise this post is late !   So, in a change to the plan, let’s look at time management hints and tips …

  1. Time is a valuable resource so approach it with the same care and effort you would use to manage your money or your career.  
  2. Prioritise your activities and create a personal plan to fit in everything you need to do along with things you want to do.
  3. Break it down, turn large projects into a series of smaller tasks which are easier to manage.
  4. Be flexible, remember that your plans may change to accommodate unexpected demands or exciting new opportunities.
  5. Take a shortcut, find ways to save time using software and apps. Also learning how to use technology more effectively when you have some spare time can prevent you wasting time in future when you are under pressure to meet deadlines.  
  6. Say *no*, it’s ok to turn down requests which are neither urgent nor important. Your plan will stop you taking on more than you can achieve in the time you have available. 

As always, we have a Time Management LibGuide with more information, online tutorial and example plan.  

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