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There’s something for everyone!

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If you’re looking to take your research up a notch then you need to take a look at the specialist databases we offer.  

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What are they?

These are usually collections of resources linked to a particular subject and they can give you access to a treasure trove of additional material for your assignment. 

Why do I need them?  

They contain specialist resources which often aren’t freely available.  We pay a subscription for many of them so you can have access both on and off campus.  This also means that usually you need to search them in addition to a Discovery search.  

Here are a just few suggestions to get you started:

CINAHL covers nursing, health, medicine and more, so it is an absolute must for health students,   It’s so good we have a whole guide to using it!  Take a look at our CINAHL Libguide.

Stash. is a best bet if you’re looking for animation, VFX and motion design.  

From our range of education and childhood resources you can search almost 350,000 results on Child Development & Adolescent Studies.

Our Business databases can help you as part of your studies and if you have a brilliant startup idea – for example, marketing and product development are covered in Mintel.

Remember … they are worth the effort if you want to do a comprehensive search.   And … some of them are used by employers, so you could add this experience to your CV!

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How do I find them?  

You can browse the full list of over 200 on our A to Z of Databases.

Or you can find a selection of them on your Subject Libguide.  

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