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Morning everyone, we want your help!  

Regular followers of our blog will have noticed that the posting pace has slowed down in recent weeks.  This is partly due to availability of our bloggers and also to give us time to review how the blog will operate in future.  

We began Library Life when campus closed as a quick and easy way to publicise our resources and support for everyone at Teesside University.  It’s one of many changes we made in a short period of time and we now have over two months of content available.  

We also have 699 users, so thank you for spending time with us! 👍

Summer is here (with or without the sunshine!).

As we move into summer vacation we know that some students are still busy so we will continue to offer online help and tutorials but we want to think about other ways the blog might work.  

We’ll be posting less often, continuing to promote useful resources while adding some fun online ‘festivals’ to help you enjoy the next few months.  We’re thinking film, music, art – watch this space!

What do you think?

Any suggestions?  If you have any ideas for improvements or specific content please let us know.  We’ve opened up the comments facility so you can add your views (please note that we will moderate comments so they will not appear immediately and some may not be published).



2 thoughts on “Have your say on our blog!”

    1. Thanks for your comment. We made this a public blog for easy access without requiring a subscriber account but we may change this in future so it can automatically generate an email to registered users each time we post. We’re aware that the blog could be more visible so any suggestions to help us would be great!

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