Friday Festival #3 – Glasto @ 50

This weekend Glastonbury Festival would have been celebrating 50 years of baking sunshine, torrential rain, shorts and wellies, music and mindfulness.  

Glastonbury poster
Official Glastonbury Farm poster!

We know this doesn’t make up for it but here are our recommendations to help you celebrate this weekend, wherever you are and whatever the weather! So dig out your tent, or build one in the house by draping a sheet over 2 chairs, and get your groove on with our selection of Glasto emojis


Now you’re ready to rock (or funk or chill) here are some special sites for inspiration. First the good news that you can enjoy a virtual festival through loads of free content on the Official Glastonbury website.  

Then you can explore the online Glastonbury archive which is held by the V and A museum. 

Why not get involved and add your own memories to the mix? You can upload your own piece of history to both of these websites.

Photo montage of Glastonbury Festival
Upload your own photos of Glastonbury to the official website

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