#LibraryAtoZ – Finish off in style!

It’s Friday already (yaaay!) and we promised you help with finishing your assignment, so here goes with our 5 steps to success … Step 1 – Remind yourself.   Take time to read through the assessment criteria, guidance and your own notes.  Focus on what you need to do so that you don’t waste time … Continue reading “#LibraryAtoZ – Finish off in style!”

#LibraryAtoZ – Digging into Databases

There’s something for everyone! If you’re looking to take your research up a notch then you need to take a look at the specialist databases we offer.   What are they? These are usually collections of resources linked to a particular subject and they can give you access to a treasure trove of additional material … Continue reading “#LibraryAtoZ – Digging into Databases”

#LibraryAtoZ – C is for Critical

For our third post this week we’ll help you with the next stage in your awesome assignment.  You’ve made a perfect plan and rocked your research, now’s the time to be critical. What it is, and what it isn’t!  Let’s start with what it’s not.  Being critical in academic writing doesn’t mean negative criticism, for … Continue reading “#LibraryAtoZ – C is for Critical”

#LibraryAtoZ – Books and more …

Welcome to Day 2 of our new blog series. Yesterday we looked at getting started with your plan for assignment success.  The next step is to identify appropriate and relevant evidence or research to help you answer the assignment question. What kind of information do I need? There is so much available it can feel overwhelming … Continue reading “#LibraryAtoZ – Books and more …”

#LibraryAtoZ – Assignments

Marvellous Monday Morning everyone!   Today we’re launching our targeted support for students who are completing work over the summer or preparing for a fresh start in the autumn.  We can help you to Succeed@Tees with advice, online tutorials and resources.  You can also look out for the #LibraryAtoZ posts on @TeesUniLib social media. So … Continue reading “#LibraryAtoZ – Assignments”


If you follow our Tees Uni Lib Twitter account you’ve probably spotted the new series of  #LibraryAtoZ tweets. From Monday we’ll also be posting a blend of targeted support here on Library Life. Whether you are thinking ahead to a new start in September or working on assignments over the summer, we’ve got you covered!   … Continue reading “#LibraryAtoZ”

Friday Festival #3 – Glasto @ 50

This weekend Glastonbury Festival would have been celebrating 50 years of baking sunshine, torrential rain, shorts and wellies, music and mindfulness.   We know this doesn’t make up for it but here are our recommendations to help you celebrate this weekend, wherever you are and whatever the weather! So dig out your tent, or build … Continue reading “Friday Festival #3 – Glasto @ 50”

Fun Festival #2 – Make Music Day

If you followed our first festival post last Friday and were inspired by the Isle of Wight highlights then you don’t want to miss Festival #2 – Make Music Day which is online this Sunday.   There are lots of opportunities to create and perform, or just watch.  Get creative with workshops like ‘Bash the … Continue reading “Fun Festival #2 – Make Music Day”

Friday Festival #1 – Isle of Wight

We said we would bring you some festivals over the summer … so here is our first recommendation. The Isle of Wight music festival was scheduled for this weekend.  Although the live event has been cancelled there are a couple of ways you can enjoy a virtual festival from the comfort of your own home … Continue reading “Friday Festival #1 – Isle of Wight”

Have your say on our blog!

Morning everyone, we want your help!   Regular followers of our blog will have noticed that the posting pace has slowed down in recent weeks.  This is partly due to availability of our bloggers and also to give us time to review how the blog will operate in future.   We began Library Life when … Continue reading “Have your say on our blog!”