Tuesday Top Tips: Being concise

Writing concisely is a skill that takes some time to fine tune but the results are definitely worth it!
Some things to avoid in your writing:
1. Repetition: Remove repeated information or words which are only slightly different.
2. Description: You should make sure that you only include key information rather than unnecessary details.
3. Definitions: You may be asked to define topics in your early assignments, but as you progress through your course, you will increasingly be writing as an expert. You don’t need to give definitions of commonly used technical terms.
4. Detail in introducing references: Your reference list includes all the bibliographical information about your sources. You shouldn’t give titles or other details in your assignments.
5. Redundant terms: Some words or phrases don’t add anything to your argument, so can easily be removed.
6. Excessive signposting: It’s easy to overdo your signposts, which can then irritate your reader by slowing them down. If you feel that you need to include lots of signposting, it might indicate that your structure should be revised.