Critical thinking and fake news

Critical thinking is a skill for life as well as something you’re expected to demonstrate in your academic studies.  You need to evaluate your sources of information on a number of levels, including accuracy, reliability and bias.. 

Why is this relevant now?

It’s important to think carefully about where you find your information, particularly as more of us are using online sources in the current situation.  In your studies you are expected to use academic sources and reliable information.  

Don’t rely on a Google search! You can access lots of our resources even while you’re away from campus – use the filters in a Discovery search to limit your results to Full Text Online.  You can also filter your results to show ‘Peer Reviewed’ results which have been through a process of checks before publication. For more information see our Discovery help pages

These skills can also help you to make informed choices about where you get other information. Remember to use reliable and trusted sources for important topics such as Coronovirus updates .  Always check official sources to help you make decisions.  

The university website has links to national and international guidance on the Teesside University – Coronovirus information page   

Keep up to date with Student and Library services information on the dedicated  Coronovirus update page


Here are some tips and tutorials to help you.

You can find lots of useful information on our Critical Thinking guide

Wondering about fake news? Have a look at our guide to Facts Matter