Editorial – Celebrating research success with our bespoke SHLS-Research blog!

Welcome to the School of Health and Life Science research blog. The SHLS-Research blog was designed as a key instrument to enhance our research and our research culture. It will enable us to:

  • Celebrate our research success,
  • Share achievements (big and small) as models of success to inspire others,
  • Introduce our research to all staff and students across the School and the University,
  • Stimulate innovative, multidisciplinary research initiatives.

In addition, this blog will firmly position the School’s research as rich, diverse and vibrant on the national and international academic scene.

Our research is increasingly important in this time of funding uncertainty for academia and higher education. For example, the key role of research and innovation is reflected in the University-wide long-term strategy. Our School has a wealth of research strength such as a growing population of early career researchers, newly-built state-of-the-art facilities for the bio-sciences, as well as long-established research centres.  

Altogether, a strong University drive, early career academic’s creative energy and existing excellence, constitute the perfect ingredients to create novel Teesside University-born research. I hope this research blog, among other initiatives to promote our research culture, will be an instrument to realise this enormous potential.

Transforming the research culture into an inclusive, diverse and dynamic environment is increasingly seen as key to long-term research success coupled with researcher’s well-being. Read more about research culture in the seminal work conducted by the Royal Society and the Wellcome Tust in recent years.

For these reasons, I am looking forward to receiving your contributions to our research blog. There is an opportunity to publish three types of articles:

  • News items – A short piece celebrating a research achievement by a SHLS researcher, such as large grant success, new researcher appointment, publications with exceptional impact, research featured in the media, etc.,
  • Announcements – A short piece introducing up-coming events such as conference hosted in the School and research opportunities,
  • Editor’s Choice – a longer article that exemplifies or illustrates in detail research success. All contributions labelled as ‘Editor’s Choice’ are introduced by the blog editor(s) with a short paragraph highlighting in what way the piece is a model of research success.

In terms of editorial guidance, the strict minimum for all contributions is:

  • A quality image illustrating the presented research or a quality picture of the researcher ‘doing’ their research,
  • A title (KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid… but detailed and informative, please!),
  • A written piece (up to 800 words for long contributions).

In addition, please aim for short sentences, short paragraphs, no jargon, no technical terms (unless there is room to explain them in full), and to-the-point statements to be accessible to a wide public of non-specialists.

We have populated the blog with existing articles to illustrate the quality and type of contributions we are expecting. Happy reading!

Dr Ambroise Baker