Expanding my DLC

So what I also realised that into the development of my naval support mechanic, That a U.I design would need be designed for Odysseus when you are selecting to play as him at the start of Troy: total war, where it includes this ability.

As the character of Odysseus is the only one that starts with this ability. So it would have to be included like here.naval support UI

So This would have to be included in the DLC design to make it like a completed DLC. However since my video of the artefact is showing how the mechanic works this won’t need to be included in the video only if the DLC was actually getting made for the game.

Mechanic flowchart and Finishing mechanic block out

This is my mechanic flowchart, detailing at each step whether or not the naval support mechanic triggers. I included this to make it be more clear about how and where my mechanic would work and take place.

I then also added into my mechanic on unreal engine 4, The A.I moving into the collision box to take damage rather than it being the first person character taking the damage.

Mechanic Enemy damage

I put in a health bar in the corner for the enemies and when the enemies lose all their health they will be destroyed however I didn’t know how to make the enemies die in the engine. I also want the enemies to lose health again after 3 seconds if the enemies are still in the collision box near the coast.

Further into my block out mechanic.

So earlier, I made a collision box where the enemies will walk into and take damage. This week I furthered this by putting the collision box closer to the coast and done a more detailed block out showing land and water.


This is to show that when enemies get close to the sea they would be in range for the ships to fire at them. I also made it so the enemies can not walk into the sea.

I also detailed that I want the naval ships to have an animation of arrows coming from them.

I done this in Unreal Engine 4 and then screenshot it and edited it in gimp to detail how I want it to work.

Getting my mechanic block out to work

Firstly I went on Unreal Engine, then made a collision box for when enemies enter, they will take damage like they would for my naval support mechanic.

I blocked out the working mechanic on unreal engine then screen recorded the video and added captions talking you through it.

As you can see in the video link here. uni work

Then later I will add a shooting animation to make it look like they are taking damage from the arrows that are shooting from the boat.

I will do this to provide information on how I want my mechanic to work.

On my level design, I want my ship support on the coast to look like these

Greek Triremes – The Ultimate Fighting Machines | Ancient, Ancient warfare, Ancient marinerGreek TriremeDeveloping the Athenian Navy of Ancient Greece




I found images of ancient Greek ship as I want to keep it realistic with the time period.

I also want the arrows to look like this.

What kind of bows/arrows were used in war in ancient India? - Quora

Image result for ancient greek bow and arrow | Ancient greek, Ancient, Archery






As this is also in keeping with the time period.

Passing my game proposal

When I found out that I passed my game proposal, I was so happy that I could continue with my naval support mechanic. so then I researched further into the Iliad and Odysseus and here’s what I found

The Iliad is a poem written by homer in the 8th century BC. It about the battle between the Greeks and the Trojans and the Greeks journey to victory.

In the Iliad, Odysseus journey to rescue Helen, a Greek queen from the trojans starts after their victory over the trojans.

Odysseus is the king of Ithaca. The trojan war lasted ten years however for Odysseus his struggle back home lasted for another ten years. Odysseus and his crew fight all kinds of monsters including a Cyclops, sirens  and many more. all while his wife Penelope at home fights off men who would like to marry her.

When Odysseus arrives back at home he finds out his wife is going marry someone new, as she believes Odysseus died at sea.

I also researched more into the character of  Odysseus. he was known for his cunning, versatility, and brilliant mind, along with his pride. He is the son of  Anticlea and Laertes. He is one of the hero’s in the Iliad.

Blocking out the Artefact.

In this blog, I will show you what I have blocked out for the artefact, and how I did it.

I started by drawing a little bit of what I wanted to look like on paper. I just drew a simple picture with the sea with naval ships on one side then the land on the other and detailing what I want the mechanic to do.

I detailed a little bit about the mechanic at the bottom saying “This is a mechanic for naval support on the coast. this would be an unlockable achievement however if playing as Odysseus, you will start of with this, as he is a naval commander so it fits with his character”

then what I decided to do to, was to 3D model the level design that I done on paper into Maya.

At this point, I wasn’t sure how to block out a mechanic so I modelled the level design for the mechanic.

I only textured the land and the sea using the first textures I found, to show which ones are the sea and what is the land, and then just done some basic ovals for the ships.

so as you can see their is naval support along the coast to help the battle on land.  As they are shooting Arrows to the enemies on land.

Introduction for Industry Briefs

Welcome to My blog for industry Briefs.

In this blog I will be showing my progress for this module.

I will be designing a DLC for Troy: Total War.

  • This is a mechanic, I will be developing for Naval support for battles along the coast.
  • I will be developing the ship to hold troops and provide support for the player while in battle.
  • This will be an unlockable feature in the game however if you play as Odysseus, you will start off with his ability as he is a strong naval commander.

I decided to do this as

  • I wanted to work on this mechanic as it will expand my knowledge relating to my chosen discipline of a game designer
  • I decided to do this as I love developing around characters and I love the story of Odysseus and his crew trying to find their way back home.
  • As well as expanding my knowledge on how game mechanic’s work and expanding on my research skills.