Floors, Walls and Materials

Week 03

Floor Material

Going into the full production phrase, I wanted to refresh my skills in Substance Designer. I also knew that for the environment, the walls and floor needed to be the first things complete. With these things in mind, I went onto made the main tilling floor texture for the scene, along with the rim around the edges. This was really enjoyable to create and I feel happy with the overall.

Modelling Walls

After I left happy with that result, I went onto the modeling phrase for my walls. I managed to get the majority of the basic modelling done for the walls, even though it was a very tiresome task. It was tricky to get all the walls to fit together whilst trying to avoid too much clipping, but it all paid off when it was finished. Hopefully next week I’m aiming for full sculpted and textured walls.

Wall Material

Lastly, my final completed task for this week was finishing a basic, plaster material for my walls. It will likely be changed throughout the project – according to the lighting of the scene – but it is good for a starting material.