Final Bus Design

Below is the final bus design that’s being used for the animation. I decided to keep the lines basic and where i’ve used colour i decided to keep it as solid blocks of colour rather than using any form of shading just to keep the design nice and simple.


Bus design

Here are the designs created for the bus that appears towards the end of the animation. The first design was inspired by London buses and the second design was inspired by the buses i’d seen around Middlesbrough.
– Grace

Finalised Animatic…..

This blog is just to show the finalised and more detailed animatic that we created after the storyboard was completed. The link is below or just watch it….

-Abby and Steph


This blog post will be about the process of the storyboarding and will have all the relevant images of the frames.

I decided that i wanted the storyboard to be very detailed so it will almost turn into the animation the images below show all the frames in order of the story (created in photoshop)





Final Character Design

This is the final character design, I went on to design the body for our character, Carl from Up has a square based shaped, I made ours more rounded.


Final Character Face Design

This is the final character face design, using inspiration from Carl from up but changing him to make him different. For example carl has a very square head were as our character has a more rounded shape.


Character Moodboard


Character Moodboard

This is a moodboard of reference images I gathered to help in creating our character. I looked a lot at carl from Up because I liked the way he was designed, and plan to use a lot of inspiration from him.




This blog post will be about the planning that we did to get the idea which will help us create the animation.

For the animatic we wanted to all create frames so it shows all our input. So Myself (Abby) chose to create the first 13 seconds of the animatic where it sets the scene. Steph created the next 14 seconds after that which is where the character waits for the bus and weather takes a turn for the worst. Grace  created that last part of the animatic where the character gets electrocuted and the character then misses his bus. Below is a link to download and watch the Animatic

As previously said in the environment blog post we got some feedback that that character should be placed on the other side of the road, so I (Abby) changed environment design.



Environment designs and Final Idea

For our environment we wanted it to be simple but still capture enough detail we wanted this as we want the main focus to be on the character.

Below is the mood board image that I collected

As you can see the images show building that are almost like line drawings as they only have a few blocks of colour.

Initial sketches

These two images above are the initial sketches that I came up with to create the environment using the reference images

Final Environment

After some feedback we got suggested to place the bus stop on the other side of the road as then we will be able to see the character better. so the image below shows the improvement.