The Development Begins

With the project proposal submitted and the idea finalized, development of ‘Empire of Dust’ (working title) can commence. To give brief overview of what the concept of the project will be like:

The overall end-game goal of this project will be to combine two genres systems into one game, for example combining the RTS systems of Warcraft 3…

Warcraft 3

…with the God Game mechanics of Black and White 2…

Black and White 2

…to create a hybrid of the game systems that can allow the player to either play as the God or with the standard RTS systems. Given the nature of the inspirations of games I am taking from the setting and style will be done in medieval fantasy, using assets freely available from the UE marketplace to reduce the need to spend time creating my own 3D assets for this project

The development will be broken into two main stages: Creation of the RTS system, and the creation of the God system. The original intention will be for the AI players to handle all the RTS game play while the player will be in control of the God aspect, though I do intent to explore the possibility of allowing the player to play either the RTS or God side later on in the project.