Intermission: Blueprint refining

At this point in the project i decided to pick apart some of the more complicated blueprints i had, mainly the ones that were causing me some minor bugs and issues. I spent some time refining these blueprints to make them work as well as they can with the other features i had set up, when put together.

The main blueprints that needed sorting out where the ones revolving around the camera and game’s Day/night cycle. The camera before was quite clunky and slow, as i had mistakenly used a Character class instead of a Pawn for it, resulting in a few issues i had later down the line. I got around this by stripping the blueprint down, recreating a lot of the code and altering some things i had. The newer camera felt much better as it was faster and was no where as restricting, as during the remodelling of the blueprint, i was able to add in a Pan feature and Edge Scrolling. Giving the player much more manual control over how the camera was positioned and moved throughout game play.


As for the Day and Night cycle, the first hurdle i had was trying to link it up to my intended Time. The game’s time would progress, AM/PM however the sun’s position would not suit the displayed time, resulting in the Sun being up at midnight. (This may work in terms as it is an alien planet, however i felt this would bother players as well as myself and needing resolving) The current game time roughly takes about 10 minutes for a day to pass, this may change as i continue testing features. I had to completely restructure this blueprint as the older method i used simply no longer fit with the game time anymore. The new blueprint now after a lot of trial and error is link to the time, allowing me to speed and pause the game while now affecting the day/night cycle. The sun rises at roughly 6AM and will set for 7PM.