Week 5: Hostile AI & Where To Find Them

This week i have been working on several AI systems, Mainly the player AI and a Hostile enemy AI i have planned. The Crew member AI is designed to act around set jobs and tasks, such as Salvager, Security, Medics. When assigned to these tasks the Crew member will preform these tasks as best as they can. Gathering resources from local salvage points, Defending the camp from wildlife and healing the injured and sick.

Meanwhile the Enemy AI planned is intended to stalk the camp during the nights and trying to ambush the Crew members as they see to their tasks. The enemy will occasionally launch small attacks on the camp, trying to test the players defences. These attacks will cost the player resources and possibly injure or kill members of the crew if they aren’t prepared

Week 4: Building Placement

This week i began work on the games building mechanics. The idea is for the player to be able to select a set of buildings they can then construct and manage in the game. Here the player clicks on the hud element and a ghost image of the building then follows the cursor anywhere along the games landscape. when the player right clicks on a suitable location, the building is placed. This is also set along in a grid, so the buildings can be arranged correctly without overlapping into each other.

The end goal for this mechanic is for it to be linked up to a resource cost, so that when the player selects a building, the appropriate resources are taken from the players stockpile. The idea is to have several buildings available to the player at the start, such as Shelters and Defence posts, then as the days pass, more buildings will become unlocked.