Week 3: Level Design and Time

During this week i worked on getting some form of level design working and in engine so i had somewhat of a clearer idea as to how it would look. I have been utilising an asset pack called Stylized Desert Environment. This pack provides me with appropriate assets that i’ll use to create the games environments. Using several other assets i have gathered, i was able to create the intended look for certain areas of the game, such as the crashed ship. Using the landscape tool i was able to put something together to make it look buried into the sand.

In addition to creating the level blockout, i wanted to give the environment some life and movement instead of a static landscape. I got round this issue by creating a day & night cycle, every 5 minutes an in game day will pass, the sun sets, the area gets much darker. I found the casting of the shadows really made the area feel more active. To add to this affect i also added in a Wind directional source, this lets me affect the environment and materials of plants so they blow in the breeze. this small detail gives the scene more life.