Week 1: Start Of The Project

The first week of Final Year Project has started and we have been tasked with creating a project solely by ourselves. As a designer i could of chosen to make a game prototype, a UI design, a Level or several other design tasks. After some time deciding what i wanted to work on and putting some ideas for my project proposal, i have decided to create a working game prototype for a Top Down, Settlement Survival game. Which i have name Tantalus.

Tantalus is a single player experience where the player will have to guide and manage a group of survivors of a spaceship crash, constructing a settlement and trying to survive on a strange world until help can arrive. The player takes on the role of the ship’s captain, and will have to send the survivors out to gather resources from the nearby environment, salvage what they can from the shipwreck, All while trying their best to maintain a strong SOS signal so the survivors can be found.