Games Practical Project – Week 11

With no time left to consider adding new features to my project, I am focusing on the polish and shine of what I have so far. As for my two separate projects, I have officially merged and migrated them both together. So right now the mechanics and level design are now functioning as one.

One of the problems that arose during the migration process was related to the absence of inputs. Everything seemed to have transferred over perfectly apart from the custom inputs I had set in the previous project. This is down to these custom settings being exclusive to the initial project they’re created in. To combat this I restructured the inputs so that they could would in their new project, I also had to rinse through any and all ‘Input Executed Commands’ in the code to make sure nothing had been unplugged.

The level itself is being finalized with little props and cover assets being placed in areas that compliment the game-play well and provides additional functionality. Below you can see some of the newer areas created using the asset packs I originally researched:

This is the furnished interior of the larger traffic station on the map. I features ticket desks, waiting/eating areas and complimentary computers for travelers to use, (purely cosmetic of course).