This week I started adding the textures for all of the shot 3 assets the scene is becoming more vibrant and alive, me and Tom Bates have been passing the scene backwards and forwards changing little things bit at a time.


i took last week off to go home for Easter. this week i came back and managed to carry on working on shot 3 after penny’s feedback about making the screen look less clean and more busy i decided to model a set of scaffolding which is already making the scene look more alive.


This week has been quite slow, I have been spending most of my time texturing assets that will be implemented into shot 3. I have had a bit of an issue with the car asset we have been given as there is a bit of stretching and the complexity of the mesh has made it difficult to UDIM properly however i managed to get it the way i wanted and now we have a car asset that is textured.