Connor finished modelling his buildings so this week I decided to make our shot 3 scene less heavy and implement the assets that we had created. i removed most of the unnecessary assets and made the scene more slimline.

Foley Week

Today we went to the recording booth for Foley, I 

orchestrated the event. we all crammed into a tiny room, the entire thing was a good learning experience and slightly chaotic. overall I really enjoyed the entire thing, there are a couple of sounds that I wish we had managed to capture better but I think what we got should be good enough.

Asset Modelling

This week i started Modelling assets for the various shots, i started with a lam post that will be implemented in scene 3. There are Sign posts connected to the lamp post similar to the ones that fill New York city. As a group we have started merging the different assets we have worked on and our world is starting to look a little more believable. 

More Development

I have been developing the second stage of the meteor this week. I’ve been sculpting in Brush trying to create a meteor that looks detailed and alien enough to fit with our designs, I have been working closely with Tom as he is sculpting the first phase of the meteor and the two need to be consistent looking. on top of that I have been working closely with the team and giving them consistent feedback on their work. For example Connor has taken the job of laying out the city and I have given him feedback to open up the streets a bit more as the shot last shot was looking too claustrophobic.