1 week to go

This week me and Tom have been working very close to get shot 3 and shot 2.5 ready to render and pass off to Jack and Tom. rather than pass the large files to one another we decided that it would be easier to work on the same computer. we spent the last week and a half passing the mouse to each other, in all honesty this week has been one of the most fun weeks to get work done.

This week I started adding the textures for all of the shot 3 assets the scene is becoming more vibrant and alive, me and Tom Bates have been passing the scene backwards and forwards changing little things bit at a time.


i took last week off to go home for Easter. this week i came back and managed to carry on working on shot 3 after penny’s feedback about making the screen look less clean and more busy i decided to model a set of scaffolding which is already making the scene look more alive.


This week has been quite slow, I have been spending most of my time texturing assets that will be implemented into shot 3. I have had a bit of an issue with the car asset we have been given as there is a bit of stretching and the complexity of the mesh has made it difficult to UDIM properly however i managed to get it the way i wanted and now we have a car asset that is textured.


Connor finished modelling his buildings so this week I decided to make our shot 3 scene less heavy and implement the assets that we had created. i removed most of the unnecessary assets and made the scene more slimline.

Foley Week

Today we went to the recording booth for Foley, I 

orchestrated the event. we all crammed into a tiny room, the entire thing was a good learning experience and slightly chaotic. overall I really enjoyed the entire thing, there are a couple of sounds that I wish we had managed to capture better but I think what we got should be good enough.

Asset Modelling

This week i started Modelling assets for the various shots, i started with a lam post that will be implemented in scene 3. There are Sign posts connected to the lamp post similar to the ones that fill New York city. As a group we have started merging the different assets we have worked on and our world is starting to look a little more believable. 

More Development

I have been developing the second stage of the meteor this week. I’ve been sculpting in Brush trying to create a meteor that looks detailed and alien enough to fit with our designs, I have been working closely with Tom as he is sculpting the first phase of the meteor and the two need to be consistent looking. on top of that I have been working closely with the team and giving them consistent feedback on their work. For example Connor has taken the job of laying out the city and I have given him feedback to open up the streets a bit more as the shot last shot was looking too claustrophobic.

Presentation 2

For the second presentation I stepped back a little so that the team could showcase their own work, it went well and we good some good criticism. we know what needs to be added and changed, for example we need to start developing assets and adding them into the scene as well as implementing some of the vfx into the scenes. We worked on the pre-vis together and it is starting to show our ideas much better than the basic one we made a few weeks ago, I look forward to seeing it develop even more.


After the presentation we decided to change a few things. So I went back to reference finding so that we had more solid reference to back up or changed shots. I put together some tasks on Shotgun so that the team knew what our individual jobs are and we can start developing the shots together.