Tuesday 24th October 2017

As said from the blog post previous to this, in todays task my team had to give a one minute pitch to a new enterprise launching on the Teesside university campus and this was to be given in front of the lecture hall. Our idea was that we would help the enterprise market their launch as effective as possible so we came up with the “coffee cup” advert which would let everyone who visits the university know about the launch, the basic principle was that there are a lot of coffee stops on the campus, what we would do is replace their boring and plain coffee cups with new ones which we provide with the enterprise’ money given to us and this has all the information about the launch of the new enterprise including the launch date, company name, brand and logo etc.

Shortly after we delivered our pitches, the lecture began as normal again and we learnt about happiness at work, and the context of occupational stress. This reminded me of ‘karoshi’ which translates to literally death from overwork. A Japanese businessman also known as a salary man are often victims of this because of the strenuous work hours their job requires and the stress of job security is very real in japan too. Japan during the 1980s and 90s went under an economic boom and was the second best economically advanced country after the US. This was due to the business culture which lead to this boom, this still continued to even this day even after the many amount of recessions.

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