Week 5 Flow and Main town tweaking 18/02/2019

The flow of a level is very important, because of this i have spent time reviewing my level to see how my game actually plays, making sure its not easy for the player to just get totally lost while playing is important, though i have not found this to be an issue so far. i have tried to make it so the player can wonder down multiple paths to get to any given destination, because of this even if the player wonders off, they should still find their way into the next zone, i do however have locations that lead to a ‘dead end’ which would force them to back track but this shouldn’t be an issue as usually they would not have to travel far to back track.

I also added some nice water effects to the river dividing my locations. i thought this would be a nice addition to replace the simple white cube i had as a place holder.

Week 4 Lighting 11/02/2019

Though the level layouts are not finished i thought it would be a good idea to get a level of lighting implemented into the level so i could get a good feel for how the level will look/ how the level would be effected when light was added in.

i have been researching different methods of lighting my scene including Dynamic lighting to give it all a natural feel and Volumetric lighting  to allow the player to see light passing through a level of fog i have added.

Though the lights are not done, and will not be completely finished until closer to the projects end i am happy with the progress i have made with the lighting.

Week 3 Finalising Layouts and fixing the Block out 04/02/2019

I have now set up the layouts for the spawn, small town, main town and the upper walls. I will obviously be constantly tweaking these throughout the project.

Some base lighting has been done in the crypt to make the creation easier while getting a feel for how i wish the rooms to look closer to completion.

Walls have been added to each location giving a good scale on the areas i need to populate. The walls are also effective when it comes to keeping the playable character inside of the map.

I noticed that the objects in the level were quickly getting out of hand so i spent a little bit of time properly organising everything into folders stating what area of the level they are from.

Next i will be working on the lighting. i would like to add in a number of lighting effects to make the game have a certain feel, this will be a learning curve however as i am fairly new to the lighting of levels so i hope to pick up some good techniques during this.

Week 2 Level Layouts and Blocking 28/01/2019

Basic level layouts created for the spawning room.
Basic level plans created for the Crypt area and Main Town.

Progress towards the spawn white box has started to help visualise properly how I want the starting sections of the level to appear. The level is not yet playable as the buildings the player will have to traverse are currently just placement blocks. the over all path has been more or less planned out however.

I have also positioned blocks resembling buildings in the main town area, these are not permanent I just wanted to get a feel for scale and possible building positions. There is a very basic path that the player would be able to take but I plan on changing this almost completely to fit with the multiple paths leading to the same location layout.


Week 1 Ideas and Planning 21/01/2019

I have collected a number of images relating to the aesthetic  i have in mind for my level, these images mainly resemble old style building and alleyways, the images are a mixture of screenshots taken from inside of the Dark Souls games or just from image collection websites.

Ideas for locations have been created including: A small village acting as the spawn location, the Main Town giving the player something to progress towards, The Crypt/Underground giving the player an alternate route and the big Church/Tower as a final destination for the player.

I plan on laying the level out in a way that almost everything that is visible from the get go will be an achievable location for the player to travel to. This will not include any mountain/ background scenery.