29/04/2019- Finalising the Level.

This time was used to make sure everything was completed and playable. i have recorded myself playing through the level and in doing so have noticed even more things that have needed to be corrected, thankfully these have been small things.

I have been able to package my game into a playable state with no real issues to note other than the time it takes to first build the lighting then package the the game but thankfully this caused no trouble.

The time it took me to complete my level walk through was 18 minutes 18 seconds which is a time i am very happy with.


11/03/2019 Doors + Shortcuts

Created functional doors for each of the buildings inside of the level.

Shortcut doors have now also been created, displaying a message to the player indicating that they cannot pass through the door from that side.

This did come with its own issues. Creating the normal doors was simple enough, i could copy and paste them where needed and even change the door if needed. The problem came with the shortcut door needing to be locked on one side while displaying a message. i did finally work my way to a functionality i was happy with with the use of multiple trigger boxes.

18/03/2019 – AI

I have created life.
AI now wonders aimlessly around my level.

With the use of a Nav Mesh i can tell my AI where they can move around, this allows me to limit the movement of each of my AI depending on if i want them patrolling the outside of the walls or to simply stay inside of a building in one of my towns.The purpose of the AI is currently to populate the scene. They have no mechanics past free roaming movement inside of their given nav mesh.

25/03/2019 – Art Pass Continued

Tweaks have had to be made to each of the buildings to make them stand out a little more, stopping them from just looking like boxes i have added boarders to the doors and corners to give them even a little bit of depth.

I have added a suitable level of foliage to fill in some of the blank spots around the map, this has fleshed out some areas quite nicely as instead of simply having some brick walls to outline the whole level i can now mix that up in a realistic decorative way.

8/04/2019 – Filling The Buildings.

Filling each building in my level has been a pretty big task. This was because i had planned for so many buildings. At first it was simple, just grab a bunch of assets from the packs i had found and place them around in semi realistic locations but i quickly found this getting trickier and trickier as for each building i had to think of a new and interesting way to place the assets.

This turned out to help me in some cases however as it allowed me to better plan what each building actually meant for the environment giving each building a purpose for example marking some buildings as work related establishments and others for homes for the potential people living there. This opened up so many doors and allowed me to have fun with the creations of the interiors.

Playing through my level i am happy with the end outcome and the level of detail i had put into each building with the asset packs i had chosen. I must say with a larger amounts of assets available i could have done a lot more but after working with what i had i don’t feel i could have done much better.

15/04/2019 – Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Checks.

Throughout my level i have gone for a certain feel, to help this feel i have used colour depending on the locations.

I have tried to stay consistent when it comes to the colour changes inside and outside of my buildings. For the interior of my buildings i have gone for a warmer yellow, while the outdoors have stayed a much darker colder deep blue with the highlights of the moon brightening this in places.

This week i have made sure that each of the lights placed are doing what i want them to do, i have gone back and realised a lot of my early lighting has either been made redundant or has needed to be tweaked.



22/04/2019 – Final Lighting

Continuing on with the lighting i have double checked each of the lights in my scene, making sure that the intensity on every light is consistent with the changes i have made over the weeks.

i have made sure that the colours i have used are also consistent and each of the guidance lights are still placed in a way that is easily visible to the player without completely draining out the atmospheric feel that i have been going for.

The sky box colours have also been tweaked making them darker with the clouds being made more transparent  making the sky a much nicer dark colour instead of a simple dark grey consistently i now have some blacks.


04/03/2019 – Pathways and Routes.

Worked with Landscape Splines to create a basic path/road way though the main town, trying to make sure that it fits nicely onto the landscape throughout. finding a lot of the time that it likes to mesh into the floor making it look odd/unbelievable as a Path

Some big tweaks to the lighting. Making sure each building of importance has been highlighted to give some allowance that it will be a explore-able building, as well as this i plan on getting rid of as many if not all black spots in my level.

The insides of the main town buildings have now been lit up. from the previous state of complete darkness it is now possible to see while wondering.

1/04/2019 – Set Decoration.

As of now i have had a fairly empty level other than the buildings and pathways i have now filled the streets with small amounts of decoration with the help of an Asset pack i found on the unreal store.

I have mounted some flags on the walls and thrown rocks around the location to stop the whole level looking like a flat boring grass plane with buildings placed on top. Even the most basic level of decoration has really brought the level alive in places.

I have added fire in some locations to draw the players attention down the level. The fires are all located out of bounds to stop the player from actually interacting with them but i feel the use of fire has increased the feel i have been going for.

I have mostly been looking out the outdoor sections of the level with the intention of moving onto the interior design soon.

25/02/2019 – Art Pass

The time has come to change the Blocks into something people can actually explore.

Still keeping it fairly simple i have changed my single block houses into structures with walls and a door. The roofs of my buildings can be added at a later point.

Starting with small town i could really sculpt my buildings into what i had imagined them to be – a bunch of buildings that intertwined with each other to make a solid path for the player to take.

The bridge has been kept simple as it only acts to transport the player from small town to main town. I am however happy with the river below the bridge, i have added a nice texture to the water that works well with the reflection of the moon above, i have also added some rocks to the shorelines and in the depths of the river to stop everything feeling very ‘Samey’

The main town walls and buildings have been added to a point that a player could explore though i feel this will be tweaked a fair amount before the conclusion of this project.