Final Year Project: The Wrath Of Pulse week 12 Final week

After creating the rain particle system all that was left to do was polish my work to the highest standard possible that i could do so i got to work. The next step in polish was the lighting for my environment which i created spotlights and altered the temperature of the skylight to achieve the dark night time scene i wanted.

This helped really bring out the neon in my environment however there were still more lights that could be placed to make my scene more effective

I used dynamic moveable spotlights to do this as it created more of an atmospheric effect. This allowed me to light my street using the power cores to affect the road material.

once all the lights were in place i believe that my environment looked more complete and it was time to altar my road texture and create a less over the top seamless one.

This was a simple process in photoshop altering a real life image to create a texture from.

once that was done i decided the last stage of polishing was to add some final hologram signs to create extra effect this was a simple process as i already the hologram material all i had to do was model a new object to apply it too. I used planar modelling to model a quick gun model and then modelled a glass and a bottle, these were the two main ideas i had for extra holograms as i believe they would work best to fit with the theme. 

Due to me still having some time left i decided to create a few more last minute holograms that i believe would fit in well. 

The last final adjustment i could think to create was my pulse building detail at first it was neon however after tinkering with one my hologram materials it looked as though the neon was pulating upwards on my building which i believe looked alot better. 

And my project was finished overall it was an interesting experience and i was able to pick up on skills along the way that would help me create better assets in the future. The buildings were the part i probably struggled most with having to learn substance designer on the job however i feel like i am better for it now with the required skills under my belt. I am very happy with how my project has turned out as it was unique and stylised the way i normally like to do my work.

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