Week 10 & 11: More Set Dressing and Refinement

Change of Plans

This blog post is a little later than normal and should really be titled week 10,11 and 12. But with the current situation in the first week of lockdown, I could not get much work done due to my son being off school and my partner being a key worker. But I have now worked out a schedule that enables me to get the 30+ hours a week needed to get the project finished. Unfortunately, I have also had to scale down my project a little to just the interior and exterior of the train and part of the tunnel. It pained me to make this decision, but I believe that it was a good decision as this will enable me to apply a good level of polish to the scene without having to rush to get it finished.


So since my last post, I have spent most of my time creating more assets for the scene. I was hoping to get some photogrammetry assets made during this project, but to do this I was kind of relying on having access to a DLSR camera from the University. But as the University was shut I made do with the camera on my phone to do cardboard sections and used the textures from that cardboard section to make a pizza box.

Pizza Box & Glass Bottles
Remains of cardboard boxes
Mattress, Sheets and pillows
Corrugated Sheet Metal
Glow Sticks for Lighting
Military Radio
Builders Light

Floor and Ceiling

After having received feedback from my tutor we both agreed that the floor and ceiling needed a bit of TLC as both surfaces looked a little flat and repetitive.

I first stripped the material back to its base material and added other dirt materials on top through masks.

I also used a baked AO dirt mask to create more dirt around the assets on the floor, this required me to do a production light build on the scene first as the mask uses the baked lighting to produce the mask.

The same technique was also used on the ceiling.

What Next?

My plan for the next week is to mainly get the area directly outside of the train done, and then spend the last couple of weeks polishing and capturing a fly-through video ready for submission.